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Its been a while since our last update so here goes.

Firstly the negative side, we have currently been removed from Liquorland Murray Bridge Due to a company restructure. The team at Murray Bridge Liquorland have been nothing but amazing and have tried to stock up while they could. That being said it's not the end, we will have the chance to apply for statewide distribution.

Now that we have the negative out of the way time for the good stuff. We've had a quite high profile visit to the shed and the outcomes of such visit led to us trialling a raspberry gin. The results are an incredible colour, intense raspberry palate and the finish is incredibly smooth you will hardly need a mixer. With these sorts of results it would be hard not to produce right? Well cost will be high so batch size will likely be small as well but will also mean our first increase in price. With all that being said I believe the final product will be worth it. Next trial will also be a coffee liqueur which we are equally as excited by. Think of the espresso martini's. Production is also at a crazy high, having to produce 160l every fortnight. This sadly is pushing the whisky production further away but fear not its still on the cards.

A special project is also underway and will be announced when its closer to completion. We will also have new merch coming with some new designs in a couple weeks. So as you can see we are flat out and all full steam ahead and look forward to see you guys and hopefully showing off some new products

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A little heads up we will be closed from the 25th of July through til the 6th of August so we can go play in the snow. We will still be able to take orders but wont process them until the 7/8/23


Bought a bottle of After Dark while in Murray Bridge from Willow Point cellar door and bottle shop for our daughter in law who we knew was a gin drinker and she loves it.

Replying to

Delighted to hear that Mark and thanks for the support

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