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New Addition

 Our signature gin. A fresh idea of sitting along the banks of the Murray River watching the world pass you by. A nice balance between juniper and citrus with a hint of cinnamon and elderflower to create a nice fresh taste perfect for watching the world pass you by. 

Pairs perfectly with lemonade and topped with mandarin

Sunset Downstream 

Experience the beauty of a pink sunset over the river with our latest release, Downstream Strawberry Kiss Gin. We've infused our classic Downstream Gin with sweet strawberry notes to create a gorgeous pink hue and a subtle, refreshing taste that's perfect for summer.

Enjoy our perfect summer combo by adding a slice of lime to your drink and you're sure to be a winner. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a garden party, Downstream Strawberry Kiss Gin is the perfect addition to your summer drink repertoire.

  • Infused with sweet strawberry notes for a subtle, refreshing taste

  • Gorgeous pink hue that's perfect for summer

  • Ideal for sipping by the pool or hosting a garden party

  • Best served with a slice of lime for the perfect summer combo


Serving Instructions

  • Pour over ice

  • Add a slice of lime

  • Sip and enjoy the beauty of a sunset in a glass


Downstream After Dark Introducing the third and final addition to the Downstream gin range - a unique blend of our classic Downstream gin and the beautiful butterfly pea flower. This delightful combination creates a distinctly floral flavour profile, perfectly complemented by a dark yet vibrant colour. When initially poured, the gin presents itself almost black, but upon mixing, it transforms into a mesmerising shade of purple that is sure to catch the eye. With its captivating colour and delightful taste, our Downstream gin with butterfly pea flower is a must-try for any gin lover looking for something truly special.


under construction

Single Malt whisky.  We take a malt that is generally used for a pale ale beer and turn it into a whisky. Using a pot still we double distill and mature in an ex bourbon barrel for some extra sweetness

Wine Barrels
Wine Barrels


We’re proud to offer a 20l private cask. This is an incredible way for you to be a part of the Twin Bridges story. So what do you get. Well great question and here's the answer. 20l of premium single malt whisky finished in the cask of your choice. Cask will be filled @ 60% abv where it will mature for 2 years which we will take care of for you. The end of that you can expect 22 700ml at 46 % abv. When it comes time to decant the whisky you will be invited to join us for this process and for the bottling process as well. This makes a great present for someone special or perfect to share with a group of mates or the perfect way for one business to support another. Either way you look at it it's a win win

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