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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Were hot off the back of our best month in March, we continue pushing forward. Our new still/mashing equipment has arrived and has now been commissioned. This means we can now start thinking ahead to making whisky. Our first whisky will indeed be a bourbon style aged in ex Wild Turkey barrels.

Our third and final gin in the Downstream series is not far away with the label in the design phase as we speak. After this we look towards adding a few different liqueurs into our range while we plan out our next Gin. We will continue to produce the Downstream range don't worry it's not going anywhere.

As we grow we will start pushing our range out further from Murray Bridge making it more accessible to everyone.

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A little heads up we will be closed from the 25th of July through til the 6th of August so we can go play in the snow. We will still be able to take orders but wont process them until the 7/8/23

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