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Big Changes

Well what a crazy couple of months we have had. From Phil Leaving us to the upgrading of equipment while releasing our third and final edition of the Downstream range. The new 125l still is proving itself a great addition. Doubling our capacity to produce while cutting time taken to produce, while maintaining the high level of quality needed.

On the News front Phil has chosen to exit the business due to lack of time being able to be spent working on it. We wish Phil all the best in the future.

The exciting part, the third and final addition in the Downstream Line is here, After Dark. This mysterious looking liquid is designed to capture the imagination right from the get go. What colour is it, well the depends on what light its is, but make no mistakes its not just here for looks. Bringing a higher floral finish to it would be perfect finished with some star aniseed and some lime. A very versatile drink that can be enjoyed in a simple G&T or be elevated into a cocktail. A local designer Jamee-lee Scott is responsible for the amazing label design.

Come July this will be competing in the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards in Melbourne will be the first time any of our spirits will be judged on a national level. Having previously entered the cornerstone Downstream Gin into the Adelaide show where we met with mixed results.

Anyway that's all for now hopefully next time can update on the whisky side of life



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A little heads up we will be closed from the 25th of July through til the 6th of August so we can go play in the snow. We will still be able to take orders but wont process them until the 7/8/23


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